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All the features you need from a smart document platform. Draft, track, sign, and store. Everything you need all-in-one place.

Sign It

Built to save you hours
of mundane work.

Whether you need to sign a one off document or want to automate your e-signing workflow, we've got you covered for no additional cost. When drafting your documents add a signature placeholder where needed. Party details are merged and automatically tagged. Say goodbye to hours of manually tagging documents for signatures.

Draft It

Built to streamline the templatizing process.

Automate large sets of documents with a single shareable form. Easily display lists of data grammatically separated how you chose. Conditionally added and remove paragraphs, sentences, words, and punctuation. Enforce capitalization, format dates, currency, etc. Using our rich formatting engine your smart fields are now even smarter.

Track It

Built to keep things moving along.

Knowing where and what’s happening with your documents can be overwhelming, especially when they are stuck in transit. With DocLogic you can see the status of your documents at all times. Follow up on pending signatures or make any edits to keep things moving.

Store It

Built to help you stay
organized and on track.

No more switching from one platform to another to sift through your documents. Create, rearrange, nest, and organize files and folders within your DocLogic document repository the same way you would on your personal computer.

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