Document Storage

All your documents in one place; organized just the way you want them.

Dynamic Folders

Automatically organize your files.

Group your documents in folders by client, project, or time frame to keep your workload neatly organized and easier to sift through. Filing documents can be overwhelming and complicated, which is why DocLogic is built flexible and can be adjusted to how you work best.

Search, Filter, Organize

Do it like you've always done it.

One pain point we hear about other platforms is how hard it can be to find your documents. If searching, filtering and the ability to organize your work is not intuitive, you'll get frustrated and productivity will take a dive. How you create, store and find documents is very important, so we made it a core feature.


Bring your other files along. We're friendly.

Not all documents run through document automation; however, we know life is easier if all your important files are stored together. Your DocLogic document repository is yours. Upload associated files (docx, pdf, png, jpg, xlsx, etc) whether they were generated within our platform or not, and know where everything is — always.

Easy Share

With a few clicks you can easily share access to individual files, documents, and folders.

Inherited Access

Share new files, within a folder, by sharing the folder itself. Everyone with access will see all changes.

Download Everything

With DocLogic you are always in control. Download all your data, any file, any time. Always.

See how storage with DocLogic can work for your organization.

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