A robust, powerful set of features built to streamline the templatizing process with ease and confidence.

Document Sets

1 document is cool but 2 or more is cooler.

With our customers in mind we focused on creating features that would would best impact your organization. Most platforms can only automate a single document. With Doclogic you can automate big groups of documents with a single shareable form. You can also exclude a document or generate another multiple times — based on complex conditions.

Single Form

Conveniently manage multiple documents with a single shareable form.

Repeating Documents

Easily generate a document multiple times with different data (e.g. a NDA per state).

Exclude Documents

Quickly configure documents not to generate unless a condition is met (e.g. officers > 1).

Smart Fields

Dynamic fields with sophisticated formatting.

Collecting and adding data to a document is easy. Make sure it is formatted correctly based on the location in the document is much more difficult — not for DocLogic. Easily display lists of data grammatically separated how you chose. Remove periods dynamically if the sentence already ends with a period. Enforce capitalization, format dates, currency, etc. Using our rich formatting engine your smart fields become even smarter.


Validations that the data you ask for is the data you get (e.g. a date, a number).


Apply formatting styles to inserted data and make sure your document comes out perfect.


Easily combine data into a single variable and apply equations like add, subtract, sum, and average.

Conditional Blocks

Dynamically add and remove content.

With conditional blocks you can easily add and remove paragraphs, sentences, words, punctuation, tables, rows, etc. You can even repeat large or small blocks of text to dynamically add an unknown amount of text or table data. The possibilities are endless. Add. Remove. Repeat.


Adding dynamic content like a completely different paragraph or sentence is child's play.


Exclude a paragraph, sentence or the pluralizing of a word as easily as snapping your finger.


Add a block of text multiple times or fill out a table without knowing how many times before hand.

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