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Packed with a robust set of features.

DocLogic combines the power of high-code solutions with the body
of a light-weight platform. Here are some of the features that makes DocLogic the perfect match for your document automation solutions.

Template Sets

Need to dynamically remove a document; need to generate a document multiple times with different data — no problem.

Smart Fields

With the click of a button you can add a reusable smart field and quickly customize when and how you collect the data.

Conditional Elements

Making sections of a document conditional is powerful. Intuitively remove a paragraph, change a sentence, or set tense correctly.

Repeating Blocks

Dynamically repeating a block of text with different data is awesome. Couple it with conditions and the possibilities are endless.

Dynamic Input Styling

Easily configure how your data is styled when added to a document. You can even format the same data differently in different locations.

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Combine data into a single smart field while apply equations like add, subtract, sum, and average to keep your document clean and simple.

Trusted By

We make it easy to turn a document into a template.

Smart fields and conditional logic

Replace data and build complex document logic with ease.

Shareable Questionnaires

Links. What's easier? Data can be collected from an individual or collaboratively.

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Always know where your documents stand.

You manage what you measure. Easily track the progress of your documents and stay in the know.

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For teams

Designed for teams of all sorts and sizes.

Legal teams

Legal teams are buried in paperwork. Everyone needs something. Most of the work is mundane and can be automated and serviced through a portal. DocLogic is built to help move in-house legal teams to an SLA drive department.

HR teams

Efficiency is key during high-growth. Use DocLogic to templatize your offer letters, onboarding documents, and termination agreements with ease — it's the perfect use case.

Sales teams

Sales teams need to move fast and be empowered with self-service portals. When a customer, client, or partnership opportunities arise — it's go time. Automated documents help you spend your time on the custom deals not the stock deals.

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