Member Benefits

Access to medical care, now

When you need access to medical care, time is of the essence. Unfortunately, Americans nationwide face real barriers to getting timely medical care. That's where DocLogic comes in. DocLogic allows consumers to get medical care and information when they need it most - now. By linking patients and physicians via phone, web video, and email, DocLogic makes health care information and services both convenient and cost-effective.

Accessing timely health care has never been more convenient, or affordable.

DocLogic provides members with numerous benefits:

  • Prompt Access to U.S.-based, licensed and board-certified physicians
  • Flexibility to choose a consult with a Naturopathic Doctor1
  • Convenience of obtaining medical care at work, home, or on-the-go
  • Savings by avoiding costly co-pays or in-office physician visits
  • Timely care from physicians who can provide consultations, recommend treatment, and write prescriptions as appropriate
  • Continuity of care with the ability to send detailed care reports to your Primary Care Physician or another care coordinator
  • No denials based on pre-existing conditions or age - everyone is accepted
  • Discounted prices on prescribed medicine with our free Rx Discount Card

Employee Benefits

DocLogic provides employees with numerous benefits:

  • Convenience of health care anytime, anywhere. Physicians are always available whenever you need them and wherever you are.
  • Opportunity to consult with a Naturopathic Doctor to focus on prevention.1
  • No lost wages. Employees can address minor medical issues without taking time off work. If medication is necessary, a prescription may be phoned in to the patient's preferred pharmacy.
  • Savings by avoiding costly in-office physician visits.
  • No open enrollment period. DocLogic is not an insurance plan - sign up whenever you want.
  • Discounted prices on prescribed medicine with our free Rx Discount Card
  • 1: Available with specific plan designs.

Everyone benefits from Telemedicine.

It is creating a convenient, timely & cost-effective way to deliver healthcare for common conditions.

DocLogic Rx Discount Card

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